Visual Search Is Increasingly Coming To The Fore

So call feature videos will be display more often in feature snippets . SERP will become even more personalize , especially in connection with mobile. Image optimization Image Search is said to be the second largest search engine with – , Image Pack is in searches more and more often, and consultants will start to address this neglect part of optimization as well . Backlinks will be even more valuable than they use to be as more and more content is create. Your site should also contain so-call in-depth content . Expect the launch of the mobile first index . And if we let our imaginations run wild, chatbots could start to replace search.

Of Course You Still Have

AMP or HTTPS What exactly does. In-depth Content We had better content, then great content, follow by epic content, and next year will supposedly be characterize by in-depth content. What this is about was probably best explain by Rand Fishkin at this Estonia Phone Number List year s Marketing Festival Solve the searchers query better than anyone else on page . In short – to get to the top of Google, you need to have better content on the site than all your competitors on the first page.

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To Keep An Eye On Things Like Page Speed

What does such content look like? Take a look at our article on international SEO for example . Spotibo s comprehensive guide to meta Aleart News descriptions is also a great example . In addition to in-depth content, also focus on timeless content so-call evergreen content , unique topics so-call unicorn content , local content, trending content, reoptimization of content and topics that the competition covers and you do not yet so-call gap content . And simply delete low-quality content on the site.

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