Voice search how is your search engine optimization

You may have already noticed that both on your smartphone and on your computer. Next to the google search space there is a microphone. By clicking there you can search for what you want through speech. So when you search this way. You perform a voice search. There are also personal assistants such as siri. Those who have an ios operating system or cortana. Those who use windows. As an example. It is a very simple process. There is no secret. Hummingbird update just in order for you to understand where this growing search for voice search came from. In 2013 google released an update to the ranking algorithm dubbed hummingbird. It was and still is considered an evolution. This has improved the way google sees user search. With this update. The intent and context part of the researched item started to be analyzed.

How voice search works

This made the keyword not less essential. But another point of analysis for the search engine to present the best answer. Voice search is digital marketing trend 2019 voice search: mobile phone with on-screen microphone in the content we published at the end of last year marketing planning: importance and trends for 2019 we already talked about this year’s digital marketing trends and there we mentioned Saudi Arabia Phone Number List voice search. But what is the logical explanation for the growth of this type of research? Large numbers of internet accesses through mobile devices and advances in voice assistant technology are the main arguments. Oh. And of course. We can’t forget the obvious: it’s much more practical to search with your voice than to type. Make reservations for the moment when you are at work. Using the computer.

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Saudi Arabia Phone Number List

Voice search is digital marketing trend

But still sometimes it’s easier to take your cell phone in your hand and search through it than on the computer in front of you. This is the reality. Some characteristics that we can mention of voice search are that robotic terms are abandoned in it. People search in the form of dialogue. This means that fewer search results come up and that you as an Aleart News entrepreneur will have a harder time ranking on google pages. However. If you optimize your content and appear in the first results of this type of search. Chances are you are the ideal option for what the user needs to solve their problem. How important is voice search? Here i wanted to present an account of how much voice search has already reached all ages. Especially children. My goddaughter is 7 years old and already has a cell phone.