Webinar: First steps and improvements when installing WordPress

At the beginning of the year we launch a new course full of surprises. The first of these is a free webinar that kicks off a series for professional wordpress designers and developers . Our intention is to continue these free wordpress events focused on the needs of wordpress web professionals.

Accompanying mauricio gelves , freelance Dominican Republic Phone Numbers  wordpress developer and godaddy pro brand evangelist, in this first edition we had the pleasure of having álvaro gómez velasco , developer and very active member of the madrid wordpress community.

Thus, we add to the free godaddy pro program a series of contents that will complement the exclusive and free tools such as pro sites or pro clients , aimed at those wordpress professionals who seek to manage a multitude of websites in a fast, simple and secure way.

What we could see in the webinar

“first steps and improvements when installing wordpress”

in this webinar álvaro wanted to talk to us about something that, although it seems basic, is essential to have an optimized wordpress installation, both in terms of performance, seo and security.

Next, i will show you in more detail what these first steps and configurations that we have to do when we install wordpress consist of and why they are so important for our website.

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Choose a good hostingwe all know that a good web hosting service is essential for any project. For álvaro, security, availability time and the flexibility of the service are essential to have a stable website and the certainty that everything works as it should.

In addition, he highlighted the importance of specialized support that is available whenever you need it, an intuitive control panel and the possibility of having a free ssl certificate with hosting.

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Do you already have

your hosting? It’s time to set it upfor security reasons, álvaro leaves us some small recommendations that, as you will see, are very simple to carry out, even if it is the first time you work with wordpress:

modify logins, especially if it’s a legacy hosting account.
Ftp connections are not encrypted, so use ssh or sftp if possible.
Configure the read, write and execute permissions of the folders and the permissions of the database users.
Use the latest version of php to improve the optimization of your website.
Activating ssl is not only for security, it is a main aspect for seo and the speed of your website.