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This year’s elections in Germany and how to target political advertising to the right users will be debated. Among other topics, of course, the ever more current GDPR or posts about chatbots must not be missing. Tickets are still available, so don’t hesitate! We were interested Svenja Walter prepared a lecture about Pinterest, which. Thanks to its functions, could also be interesting for Czech businessmen in the future. In her post, Svenja shares methods to increase website traffic from Pinterest from , to , visits per month. Source projector.de Internet World Congress October Munich Come to Munich for a spectacular conference full of case studies of famous brands and agency names.

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However, the lectures of this conference focus not only on the matadors of marketing and multinational brands, but also on young, starting e-shops and brands, offering them the necessary know-how and inspiration for further development. In two days, you will receive an excellent cocktail of marketing techniques, whether it is about getting traffic from Costa Rica Phone Number List search engines, multi-channel campaigns, influencers or YouTube, or using data. We are interested Do you sell on Amazon or eBay in Germany? In his talk, Heiner Kroke will talk about how to get the first place in seller ratings on both platforms.

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And if you are not yet selling through these giants, Danil Bülhoff will advise you on how to launch your brand at rocket speed with their help. SEO DAY October , , Cologne In the evenings, do you read the Google  dates from memory? In that case, the SEO DAY conference is perfect for you. You will meet the same SEO crazy people as yourself. And you will Aleart News spend the whole day in captivity of optimization. The organizers embellished the program with everything you might be interested in SEO. From content to technical SEO to on- and off-page factors.

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