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Site is a solution that works by accessing the browser (web browser). That is, it can be used on the computer or cell phone. The website is the heart of digital marketing! Every business needs a website. And, with the growth of digital marketing, it is one of the main sales tools for companies. Don’t throw away this channel with a poorly made website! We have already talked here on the blog about responsive websites and why it is important for your company to have one. The responsive website has the layout prepared to adapt to the format of a computer, tablet or smartphone . When the visitor views the site on the computer, the format expands and takes up the entire screen.

This Technique Allows Us to Go Even

On mobile the information changes its position, preserving its size. Just because a website runs on mobile doesn’t mean it’s responsive! Every website works on the smartphone. Because cell phones contain a browser (browser) just like the computer. However, when it is not responsive, the visitor is forced to zoom in and out in order to navigate and view the information. In addition to loading is slow and many images Latvia Phone Number List are compromised. That is, the potential customer has a bad experience and, according to research, the tendency is to give up on the site between 5 and 10 seconds. Site mobile (web app) the mobile site , also called a web app , has a different format than the conventional one.

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Further in Usability for Mobile Devices

Although it uses the same technology as the responsive website. Usually it is more used to facilitate navigation, presenting information in a list format , without having so many tabs and images. Thus, it is not a copy of the common website that we open on the computer. And yes, a site made especially for mobile devices, thinking about Aleart News greater navigability. Large e-commerce companies usually have a conventional website (usually “non-responsive”) and a mobile website, to ensure the best possible navigation. So, when the server of these stores recognizes that the device they are accessing is a smartphone, it directs the user to the mobile version.

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