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By excluding those filtered URLs from Hong Kong B2B List crawling, you ensure that Google knows not to get there and better spend that “time” on more important URLs. Example: Screenshot of ‘Disallow’ *?filter=’ Note : enter the exact page path Hong Kong B2B List of the filter. I use this solution most often myself. noindex tag Are you running into the problem that you are already competing with the main page you want to rank with? Then a noindex tag can come in handy, so that you can have the right page rank anyway. Canonical change By setting a canonical you can also indicate which page you want to be indexed. This just doesn’t solve the problem of having all those URL variants crawled by Google.

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Tip : also check whether those filtered Hong Kong B2B List pages are not accidentally in your XML sitemap, because you want to have them indexed with that. The Future of Ecommerce SEO We’re under fire. I was recently confronted with a click-through rate of only 3% on my main position 1 listing. Despite the fact that there is a lot to gain organically in e-commerce. Google is making our lives more and more acidic. Search ads, shopping, often a local Hong Kong B2B List pack and then the rankings you have worked so hard for. One of the most important lessons (because you’ve come this far) is therefore: Connect SEO credit to your other channels and make sure there are no conversion killers within your shop.

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This article has been checked by the SEO panel . A Hong Kong B2B List strong online position Do you want to delve further into Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? And learn how to structurally optimize your website and content and make it easier to find? Then our practical SEO Training offers the tools you need. Learn all about keyword research, search engine marketing and reporting in Google Analytics from the best subject matter experts. Find out if it’s for you. Webshops are full of beautiful products, have cool designs and a great UX. But Hong Kong B2B List are you taking advantage of every opportunity to shoot through the ceiling organically?