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Perhaps ordinary people don’t understand. Poland Phone Number The idea of ​​”hermits” very much, but lorenzo made it clear with his fourth literary. Book “the mo chou generation”, in which manuel is like a part of his incarnation. Criticizing and ridiculing the social system. And the “mo chou” – vulgar modern. People bound by technological civilization. Getimage photo credit: caishi. Clture the book cover of “the mo chou generation” “mo chou” can also be transliterated as “private shells” from the original los asquerosos, and refers to “self-centered. Modern people” from the spanish word “disgusting people”.

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To and even enjoying a secluded life. discovered one day that his peach blossom garden. Invaded the mo chou tribe. And  he connected a bunch of technological supplies to house next door. The family bought a nearby house.

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Holiday is noisy from daytime to late at night, but also plans to transform sassauriye, the pure land of the world, into a resort and playground, so that manur can “make a fortune” together! How should manur, who is not in the light of the light, formulate a plan to drive away this army of cockroaches, so as to protect his home? Thoreau has constantly emphasized the beauty of nature in his prose, and fought against the capitalism and money structure that began to rise in the united states with the precipitation of the soul. And “mo chou generation” can be more advanced, advocating “anti-civilization thinking” and “minimalism”.

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