What characterizes the new influencer and the new marketing associated with them?

Influencer campaigns are one of the favorite tools of brands, since they allow their products to be linked to relevant names and with a good image and because they manage to connect in a prominent way with the audiences. As many products and many consumer trends have shown, ‘what Fulanito uses’ or ‘what Menganito buys’ has had a high impact over the years in changing consumer habits. Social media and the internet in general have made it much easier for brands to identify influencers while creating a new scenario when it comes to influencers Afghanistan Mobile Number List. Instead of being just the famous person on duty, as was the case in the past and as has happened in recent decades, when Hollywood actors and singers were the ones who recommended products, the network has made influencers more and more varied characters. and that they are for very different reasons. Now you no longer have to be a celebrity to become an influencer. Now what matters is knowing what you are talking about. “The influencer marketing category is changing faster than many brands and agencies can process,” Phelon, the CEO of TapInfluence , explains to Bizreport Promise.

“The tradition of this industry, which was the exclusive domain of celebrities, has died,” he points out, noting that from those “foundational ashes” a new system of influencers has been born in which the key is in social platforms and marketing of contents. What characterizes the new influencer and the new marketing associated with them? A joint study by TapInfluence and Altimeter has analyzed its reality to establish certain realities that campaigns with influencers have in common and that, therefore, set the agenda in this environment. What’s happening in influencer marketing On the one hand, the founding principles and structures, so to speak, of these types of marketing strategies have completely changed. What’s the key behind all these communication efforts, and what makes influencer marketing different? If you ask the influencers themselves, the key will be honesty.

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According to the study data, 71% of influencers say that what makes consumers come back to them again and again is honesty. That is, consumers trust them because they feel that they are telling the truth. For brands, things when it comes to influencer marketing are mostly about how the influencer will share information and content about the brand. 71% of the brands surveyed believe that the best way to ensure that influencer marketing is effective is to turn the influencer into a brand ambassador. But if there is something that both have in common, it is concern for money Brother Cell Phone List. This is not the first study to address the subject and it will not be the last. When it comes to influencer marketing there is still some confusion about how to pay and how much and whether or not to do it. Influencers want to be compensated for talking about brands.

Brands dream of having the campaign run for them for free. According to the data of this specific study, the figures are not very high, the brands are not yet very clear on how to put it in their budgets and the influencers believe that their work is priced down. 72% of influencers consider that brands offer inadequate compensation for their work, which means that payment has become the main problem, for their part, when it comes to influencer marketing. For brands, however, the problem is budgets. 54% of brands consider that unallocated budgets (that is, not having closed the money that is going to be spent on this) is their biggest scourge. Campaigns with influencers do not move as much money, at least compared to campaigns in other media and scenarios. 34% of these campaigns are below $ 5,000 per campaign and 65% of brands say they spend less than $ 10,000 per campaign.

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