What do companies have to continue working on to improve their Marketing strategy in social networks?

Social media has become a fundamental part of corporate strategy, one that is like an inevitable stop that all brands must meet if they really want to connect with their audiences. But despite this, companies continue to make certain mistakes and continue to fail on certain issues. Not all things are being done well and not all things are being done as they should. What should be considered and what should brands seriously work on when it comes to their social media strategy? According to the latest 2016 State of Social Media Marketing Industry Report , by Social Media Examiner and collected by Top Rank Blog , brands continue to fail at certain points and continue to need to pay more attention to others Austria Mobile Database. It keeps failing when it comes to measurement It may seem that in the world of social networks there are certain elements that have already been said over and over again and that have already been highlighted ad nauseam in the analyzes and, nevertheless, certain errors and certain failures that those analyzes continue to be made and studies repeat that they should be avoided.

And so, despite everything, there are still brands that are not measuring what they are doing on social networks. According to the study data, not all marketers are using tools to measure the success of their actions on social networks and to establish the ROI of what they do. For a number still too high, social networks remain a kind of mysterious scenario in which things happen without knowing very well how and when. Seeing this data translated into numbers is much more impressive. Of those surveyed, only 19% fully agree with the statement that they are analyzing their social media activity. To this number we must add that only 41% have established really effective formulas to measure the ROI of what they do in the social environment. Yes, Facebook is no longer the panacea when it comes to traffic Many media have succeeded in recent years thanks to a key element: the social.

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When a link they published went viral on social networks, it was filled with visits and accumulated traffic and more traffic. In general, even if it did not go viral ‘in a big way’, for many media outlets, social networks had become a powerful alternative to traditional methods of driving traffic. The same could be applied to brands. However, things have changed, possibly at the same time that Facebook’s algorithm has been changing and the scope that is achieved has been neutralized. 23% of the brands surveyed in the study have assured that they have seen how the traffic associated with Facebook has been decreasing in the last 12 months. Social media is getting more and more complicated And from that point one could easily move on to the next: the social is increasingly complex and acting on them is increasingly complicated. Everything changes very fast and, above all, the things that work are being modified faster and faster. To this we must add that social networks change their rules practically every day to have the final photo and see that things are no longer as simple as simply posting a link on Facebook. Everything has been filled with complexity and everything is increasingly difficult. In fact, 40% of those surveyed say that in the last 12 months things have become more and more complicated.

Social media requires more and more work As things get more and more complicated and as the difficulty becomes more and more elevated, the time that must be spent analyzing what is happening and the time that is necessary to act in that environment is increasing. If someone thought that liquidating social networks was something that could be done in 20 minutes on a Monday and leaving work done for the whole week, that is clear. As they point out in the report’s conclusions, marketers are spending more time on social media during their working hours and, despite this, it is still insufficient. Brother Cell Phone List Data indicates that social media takes about 6 hours per week of your work time. 37% say they are dedicating about 5 hours a week to social networks (one hour per day worked). Taking into account that consumers increasingly expect more and more activity on social networks and especially that they expect brands to be faster and faster, an hour a day does not seem that long. In fact, it seems rather rare. Can you generate everything that the consumer expects in one hour a day? Possibly marketers fall short.

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The main benefits reported by social networks are not what brands often expect For what are the social network good for? Surely everyone has their own idea and possibly everyone would put on this list that the important thing is to create conversations, but what is really being achieved with social networks? According to the survey data, several are the issues that are being achieved. 89% of those surveyed say that the most important thing is that the brand’s exposure is increased. After this point are those who point out that the traffic of the corporate website increases (75%), a loyal fan base is created (68%), knowledge of the market is gained (66%) and that leads are generated (another 66% ). There are three social networks that dominate and paying is increasingly inevitable The market is full of social networks and among them more and more they are more popular and they are becoming more and more desired and sought after by brand managers.

But despite the fashions, three social networks continue to dominate corporate strategy: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are still the most used in corporate strategy, despite the fact that the boom in networks such as Instagram is beginning to take its toll on some of them. Be it in one or in others, what does seem clear is that going through the box is increasingly inevitable. As social media complicates things with algorithm changes, there’s no choice but to pay to rank. Or, as the study concludes, paying to enter social networks has ceased to be an option, a luxury, to become a necessity. And no, B2B is still not the same as B2C And, to conclude, the study highlights another point that, not long enough to repeat, ceases to be important. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may have become something of a social media trinity, but their importance varies depending on the type of business and the type of audience. Campaigning for the B2B market is not the same as contacting the consumer market.

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