What do young people really expect from brands?

Understanding the newer generations is not an easy task today. Their tastes have varied as a result of the reality that they have had to live in and therefore the need to know them more thoroughly in front of brands and influencers is more current than ever. An example of this is the study Malaysia Phone Number List “Brands and influencers: what young people like in Spain” that the agency La Despensa has carried out in conjunction with the qualitative research agency Quid and whose results are very useful for those brands whose audience is located in that age group.

Among the findings about what young Spanish people like the most is that 71 percent of it is important to be original, unique, differentiate from others and not have to follow imposed patterns.

The socioeconomic aspect where precariousness is practically the norm, has led members of Generation Z and millennials to place their preferences on the side of low cost options, as evidenced by 66 percent who are pleased when they get a good offer especially in thrift stores.

The low cost issue stands out as a way of having autonomy and freedom, with emphasis on sectors such as tourism, mass distribution products and in terms of food and beverage brands.

They want to have their own identity
The new generations of Spaniards seek to distinguish themselves and for this, one of the aspects that stand out (72 percent) is the pleasure of learning a skill or hobby through tutorial videos, they have also established their own communication code in which it stands out humor and the use of digital language through GIFS, memes, emojis and videos

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Part of being ‘original’ is also linked to the personalization of everything that allows it, as it helps them to have the feeling of greater control over their lives as well as the possibility of showing their individuality, as reflected in the fact that they also 72 percent like to personalize their clothes under the famous ‘do it yourself’ concept.

They are not afraid to show their feelings
These generations are not afraid to express what they feel and for this reason they like spontaneity and naturalness at the same time that they can even give value to aesthetics that a priori were considered ugly or kitsch, although usually (and however contradictory it may seem) it is done with intention to be ‘original’ to get the approval of others.

The new technologies
When talking about millennials and Generation Z, it is easy to see that their members are more than immersed in new technologies Phone Number List and forms of communication, so it is no wonder that the most used networks and platforms are WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube.

How are they defined
Both age groups are also characterized by shared ideas such as not looking like tourists when they travel (52 percent Gen. Z and 71 percent millennials), the use and enjoyment of memes (74 percent Gen. Z and 64 percent millennials), as well as “merging totally opposite things” (shared by 54 percent in Gen. Z and 74 percent by millennials).

In the case of the 22 to 29-year-old group classified as millennials, according to this research, they could be defined as young dreamers but who are also fighters. Their life has been affected by the economic crisis at critical moments for the establishment of their personal goals and they must still fight against the messages of pessimism that still remain. They perceive their job and quality of life expectations as more frustrating.

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For the youngest of these two groups, when it comes to defining the members of Generation Z, who are between 14 and 21 years old, their reality is that of adolescents who were born in the midst of a crisis for what they do not know Another reality when it comes to pessimism lived in the environment and therefore their attitude towards life is more pragmatic as well as their expectations.