What is a podcast, how to create it and why your brand needs it

Spotify gave us the clue in 2019 when it bought Anchor, one of the most important podcast creation and sharing platforms of the moment, which already accumulates 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

We just had to stay tuned to see it: the podcast boom . A content format that has won the hearts of millions of users who see it as a fast and very convenient way to access the content of their favorite brands.

What is a podcast? Why can it help you grow your entrepreneurial project? How to launch a successful podcast? In this article you will discover all the answers.菲律宾电话号码表 Remember: knowledge is power. And knowing this powerful communication channel can open the door to new opportunities to boost your business.

What is a podcast?
Why is creating a professional podcast a good bet?
4 benefits you should consider podcasting for
1 # Increase the authority of your brand
2 # Increase your visibility and enhance interaction
3 # Alternative source of income
4 # You have fun and grow as a professional
How to create and launch a successful podcast in 4 steps
Format, frequency of publication and tone of communication
Get a recording toolkit
Launch your podcast to the world: platforms
What is a podcast?
A podcast is an audio file that is published on a website and that is available for download on computers or mobile devices so that the listener can listen to it whenever they want.

It is a content format that has conquered millions of listeners throughout the world.

The podcast is very easy to consume . You can listen to it at any time and from anywhere, even while doing other tasks like traveling, cooking or playing sports.

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In addition, the listener can subscribe to a specific podcast and receive alerts every time a new episode is available. This feature helps boost audience loyalty.

Without a doubt, podcasts have become one of the best Marketing tools to build brand, increase the visibility of a business, attract new customers to your products and services, and win consumer loyalty.

The figures don’t lie:

41.5% of Spanish Internet users listen to podcasts (Study How does your brand sound? State of voice and audio in Spain.
About 60% of Spanish users between the ages of 18 and 24 consume podcasts ( Statista ).
The 75% of respondents believes that the audio will become a tool increasingly important in the strategies of content (data collected by the Reuters Institute ).

The numbers and their growth are shocking. I kept another piece of information for you.警报消息 According to Podcast Insights , in January 2020 there were 850,000 active podcasts worldwide and more than 30 million episodes.

Why is creating a professional podcast a good bet?
It is a type of content that can be created easily since it does not require technical knowledge.
It is cheap to produce. In fact, you can start your podcast totally free by recording with the microphone of your own computer or smartphone and using free Apps to edit.
Podcasts have little competition and it is easier to carve out a niche in the market. Don’t be scared by the number of active podcasts because this number is greatly reduced if you filter by topic.

4 benefits you should consider podcasting for
The data that we have already seen should give you a good clue as to why betting on launching a podcast is a good decision. Its popularity grows every day. And if consumers are asking for this type of content, you should give it to them.

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But let me finish clearing all your doubts – if you still have them – with this list of benefits.

1 # Increase the authority of your brand
Clients only want to work with the best. Podcasting can help you position yourself as an expert in your industry by sharing your knowledge, skills, and passions.

By positioning yourself as a leader in your industry, you will gain the trust of your audience and will remember you when they need you — not forgetting the fact that voice helps to connect more intimately with the user. And you know … On the Internet, without trust, there are no sales.

2 # Increase your visibility and enhance interaction
By launching a podcast you are working on your content marketing strategy . Content is still king no matter how much some insist on saying otherwise.

When you create a podcast episode, you can upload it to a large number of podcast directories. This boosts your visibility and allows you to reach new audiences.

But this does not end here. In addition, you can reuse that content by dividing it into small bites to feed the Social Networks of your project (Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube …) and even transcribe it for your blog.

Of course, you must link from all these platforms to your website, which will be the base of operations from which to capture leads —the starting point of an E-mail Marketing strategy— and generate sales opportunities.

3 # Alternative source of income
We start from the moment you launch your podcast with the aim of attracting a new audience and increasing your sales . Now imagine that your podcast is really good, gains authority in your industry and generates a large number of listeners.

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What happens? That advertisers will notice you, that is, you will gain a possible way to monetize and make your podcast profitable.

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