What is a Sales Funnel and why is it important for Inbound

The sales funnel as its name suggests. Is structured in the form of a funnel where the visitors are at the top. And as it descends. You have leads. Opportunities and customers. There’s no way we can talk about the funnel without talking about the journey. That’s because it supports the purchase journey to be better structured. As we covered at the beginning. It shows the path a potential customer takes from their first contact with your company to a purchase. It is usually divided into three stages: top of the funnel (tofu). Middle of the funnel (mofu) and bottom of the funnel (bofu) . We will explain a little more about each one below. Sales funnel stages top of funnel (tofu) at this stage. Visitors discover that they have a problem or an issue that needs to be resolved. But which until then was unknown.

What is the Sales Funnel

That is they will not necessarily be looking for something. But when they are faced with a situation. They identify that they have a problem in relation to what needs to be solved. In order for these visitors to really start the buying journey and for them to also walk through the sales funnel. It is essential that your business educates them about the problem they have just discovered. At this stage you can offer rich content such as infographics. Podcasts. Blog posts . Newsletters and information even on social . When making these Brazil Phone Number List contents available. It is important that you provide forms for them to fill in the data. Such as name and e-mail. In order to have access to these materials. And why is this relevant? When they leave their contact details. They become leads and can advance in the sales funnel.

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Stages of the Purchase Journey

An important tip is that these contents should solve or present tips to facilitate the resolution of the problem of these visitors. In other words. It needs to be really useful. Also. It is essential that at this stage of the funnel it is avoided talking about your brand and the qualities of your product/service. Here the focus is to educate. Help the visitor with a doubt. Question or problem he has. Middle of funnel (mofu) do you remember Aleart News that in the top of the funnel stage we commented on the importance of offering content but being able to capture some information from visitors so that they become leads? At this stage. Middle of the funnel. They already know they have a problem. But they don’t know how to solve it.