What is automated marketing and what is it for? + Examples

The technology has come to put things marketers easier.

What if I told you that there are tasks that you can remove from your list? It can be done, this, broadly speaking, is what is called automated marketing .

Defined more specifically, it can be said that automated marketing is a set of processes and techniques that group and standardize actions carried out on groups 奥地利电话号码表 of potential buyers to convert them into customers.
Programs such as Active Campaign or Hub spot are two of the best known platforms to carry it out.

And what is the main advantage of all this? We could say that there are two:

1- Processes with which we have verified that we obtain results are started automatically , so in the long run, we will achieve benefits with zero effort .

2- We disconnect the team from some tasks, so their day to day is much more productive .

How does automated marketing work?
Make sure you know the stages of the conversion funnel and the traffic temperature in each.
Find your KPIs
Define which parts of the process will be automated
Evaluate and redirect (if applicable)
Advantages of Automated Marketing
Examples of automated marketing
How does automated marketing work?
It is about putting tools and software to work for you and your team to get rid of the most repetitive tasks (which can be done by a computer system) and dedicate yourself to the most creative part of your work.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are other side effects , in this case good ones, that we cannot ignore either.

Applying this system is able to reduce errors in the process and therefore the conversion routes that we standardize and automate increase their effectiveness. It also improves the segmentation criteria which influences the improvement of the effectiveness of the campaigns.

The job of the marketer is not just focused on the start-up phase of automation. Now we are going to see, step by step , what you must do to automate a marketing process.

Make sure you know the stages of the conversion funnel and the traffic temperature in each.
It is very important to know that traffic is increasing in temperature along the conversion path and this is what gives us the key to how to address it and what actions we can take to impact it. This works like this for all digital businesses.

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Depending on whether we are addressing an audience that does not know us at all, or people who have already bought us, we will implement one or the other actions.

At a particular level , to execute an automation, you have to study what process the leads follow 警报消息 to move from one stage of the conversion funnel to the next. When we know the key stops they make on that journey to purchase, we will automate it.

Find your KPIs
To have that knowledge of the ‘journey’ that leads make, you have to define some metrics. They will provide us with the data to know the behavior of the audience. These selected metrics are called KPIs.

The indicators that we must select are different in each stage of the conversion funnel, below we see some of the most common for each phase:

What is automated marketing and what is it for?

These indicators do not have to be static. Different KPIs can be tested until we find those that give us the most valuable information to optimize our automated sequence.

Define which parts of the process will be automated
Once we have studied how the leads and the data by which we are going to be guided behave, it is time to establish the actions that will be automated and the times in which they will be carried out.

A sequence that we could automate to get a potential client to hire us is the following.

What is automated marketing and what is it for?

There are various theories about what are the correct times between action and action for automation to be effective, but the particularities of each online business play an important role in this strategy.

That is why what works best is trial and error, guiding us through the KPIs, which will give us the necessary information to make the right decisions.

Evaluate and redirect (if applicable)
The dashboard of your selected KPIs is like the steering wheel of a car during a trip, it is not about taking it only when we start, on the contrary: it cannot be let go.

It is essential to analyze the data that these metrics offer us and evaluate if the sequences that we have automated are giving us the expected results .

If the data from the KPIs shows that the automated sequence is not working, we will have to make adjustments to the strategy and re-analyze. So on until we find improvements.

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If, despite frequently monitoring the KPIs and having tried several options, we see that there is no way for the sequence to improve, the problem may be in another point: the investment .

The economic investment we make is closely related to the success of the advertising campaigns. If this is our traffic entry point into the automated sequence and it fails, we have nothing else to do.

No matter how good a strategy we have defined and no matter how well we have followed all the previous steps, if we do not have traffic passing through it, it will not have been of any use.

And now that we know the steps to follow, we are going to see the tools and elements necessary to make it effective:


They are the fundamental piece of attraction for the traffic that still does not know us at all and will be the beginning of the automation sequence.

They must be personalized content for your target audience. If you do that, the audience will identify with them and they will trigger persuasion .

Traffic capture channel

For the strategy to be effective, you have to choose the traffic capture channels that suit the objective of the campaign and those in which you know that the audience you are targeting is present . One tool that can help you identify your target audience is empathy maps .

If you know the audience you want to attract in each case, you can customize these campaigns and the rest of the stages of the conversion funnel will be more effective.
We must attract the public that interests us and for this we can activate advertising campaigns. The work of the digital traffic expert at this time will be very important.

Landing pages

It is the part of the web where users land when you bring them from external channels and it has a single purpose: to convert . This conversion does not have to be a sale , it can be a subscription or a transfer of data.

For it to occur, you have to think very well about the call to action that we use, here are some effective examples .

When that conversion occurs, the next step in the automated sequence will be activated.

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Email marketing tools

They are what allow us to execute the strategy. Automated marketing goes hand in hand with email marketing tools and its purpose is to direct leads through the path we have created for them. Hubspot , Active Campaign are automation tools as we have said before, but also Hootsuite or the Business Manager itself .

Through the triggers we can indicate what we want to happen when the lead behaves in a certain way. We can also add tags to each lead to know the entire route that each lead passes on our website and to fully customize the actions with which we interact with it.

In our example from the time management consultancy, the configuration could be as follows:

What is automated marketing and what is it for?

These types of tools are very useful to know your target audience beyond the basic demographic and age data. You can find out information such as: – Where they are in the sales funnel – The score given by the tool to the lead based on their behavior, also called lead scoring . – All the details of the journey they do, such as which pages they visit, which emails they open, their real interests.

Advantages of Automated Marketing

If you have come this far you will have already discovered some of its advantages for yourself, but we are going to collect some of the most important as a summary:

It allows you to make really precise segmentations by collecting data from the actions that leads have already taken.
Reduce costs and save time . Your team can dedicate more time to other functions and you can maximize your budget.
Increase profits : There will be automations linked to evergreen funnels that will be active without time limitation at zero cost.
Eliminate errors when sending emails: you make sure that the email is sent to the correct user at the planned time.
Lead scoring allows you to create actions specially designed for ‘top’ followers, or on the contrary, for cold traffic.
The graphs displayed by the tools allow you to see in a very visual way how the automation is working
There is no place to be forgotten : the moment a user subscribes to your newsletter, a series of actions designed for him are triggered.

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