What is Geo marketing and how can it be used properly?

Do you want to know what Geo marketing is and how you can take advantage of it for your business? Pay attention to the following information. Geo marketing can be considered one of the most effective methods with which many brands can reach their customers, over the years it has shown the contributions it can have for these entities, for example, according to data shared by Neil Patel, 60 percent of ad professionals report that geographically targeted Afghanistan Phone Number List ads deliver a better return on investment. On the other hand, Think With Google points out that up to 61 percent of smartphone users are more willing to buy from mobile sites and apps that personalize information according to their location.

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Their contributions can be interesting, knowing what Geomarketing is and being able to develop it represents a good opportunity for business, so today we will see this concept in some detail.

What is Geomarketing?
According to the definition of the specialized firm, GeoMarketing from Yext, it is a concept that describes any marketing activity that incorporates location intelligence in order to improve the chances that a particular message reaches the correct consumer in the most suitable moment.

There are many ways to achieve this, however, the essential element is the location data used as part of marketing actions. One of the most common forms of Geomarketing is Geotargeting, which is understood as the delivery of content to users taking as a reference their location or previously visited locations, the delivery of these content is generally done from mobile devices Phone Number List. Another type of Geomarketing is Geofencing, although this is a tactic developed in real time, it consists of reaching users within an established geographical area.

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Although these actions are generally based on the use of data from mobile devices and the web when interacting with brand sites, consumer locations can also be detected via GPS, IP addresses or cell phone towers.

Unfortunately, Geomarketing is not for all businesses, depending on its nature will be the use that may be given, also consider that:

This is nothing new as many phone apps already have location-specific tools.
Apps with Geomarketing tools need a sufficient number of people who live in a certain area or who visit it on a recurring basis to be worthwhile.
Only a small percentage of your potential audience is likely to convert to customers.
Potential clients must be willing to participate, which may not be easy as up to 75 percent of women are known to avoid location-based services, partly out of fear of harassment and lack of support. interest.

In short, and to define everything in the simplest way, Geomarketing means integrating geographic data in marketing actions to deliver messages related to the location of the target audience.

What are the benefits of Geomarketing?
If it was not enough for you to know what Geomarketing is, here are the main contributions that it can generate for the companies that develop it:

Establish or identify the purchasing habits related to the location of existing customers.
Identify areas where a campaign is most likely to be effective, starting with testing content, directing it to different locations, and using geo-targeted data to evaluate results.
Reduce expenses by identifying places where it makes the most sense to attract an audience.
Assess customer activity by area to determine where to establish new physical store locations.
Reaching customers again when they are close to the business based on the use of previously recorded information.
Improve the performance of email marketing campaigns including information on the location of the establishment closest to the consumer’s location to encourage their visit and purchase.
Improve local positioning, which can be of great help because according to data from Kissmetrics, the companies that benefit the most from search engines are those that appear in the first 3 places of search results.
How can it be used properly?
Now that you know what Geomarketing is and what its benefits are, it is also important that you know the best practices when developing it, that is why we share them below, as recommended by the OptInMonster firm:

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Know your audience
As with any other marketing action, it is important to define the audience you will be targeting. For this you can use very useful tools, such as Google Analytics, which will allow you to identify how many visitors come to your business from specific physical locations. With the information from this type of platform, it will be possible to define buyer personas that will be key to improving your targeting efforts.

Focus on the right locations
Getting to the right location is also important, to determine this in the same way you can resort to analytics tools and check again where people are arriving from. The data will allow you to better target your efforts, for example, if you know that a consumer has visited a location multiple times, you will be able to highlight offers in that particular location, on the other hand, knowing the locations will also allow you to exclude certain areas that are not profitable. Appear.

Set goals
Knowing what you want to get from Geomarketing is also important, among the common goals is to get more sales from a particular location, increase brad awareness, promote local events to get more assistance, get more traffic from a certain geographic area, among others. .

Optimize content
For best results it is important that your site and its content are suitable for local marketing, for this it is necessary to use a local business scheme, list the business on platforms such as Google and Facebook, and optimize local SEO. The actions will facilitate the use of a variety of Geotargeting methods, such as Facebook geo targeting or Google Ads geo targeting.

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Schedule your campaigns
Finally, you should know that consulting geographic data as part of the development of Geomarketing allows identifying behavior patterns in consumers, knowing them enables brands to better schedule the launch of your campaigns so that they are present at the right time and achieve better results.

Now that you know what Geo marketing is, what its benefits are and how you can use it, you only need to start developing it if it seems appropriate to you.