What is good content

Content Marketing is all quality and relevant content designed to educate, inform or entertain a prospective or current customer”. Thus, using content as a strategy helps in the purchase process and generates more visibility and authority for the company. Content Marketing is very famous for being part of Inbound Marketing and having grown exponentially in the digital age we live in. But did you know that content marketing existed before the internet? Historical example: In 1895, John Deere, a leading company in the agricultural machinery segment, published the first issue of “The Furrow” magazine. The publication is still in circulation today and is focused on issues related to agriculture. With this magazine, John Deere was bold, and chose to share content.

How do you know if the content is

With that in mind we understand that Content Marketing is not about what your company does, but about what your customers need ! Advertising vs. Content Marketing One of the most debated topics among advertising and inbound marketing fans is the effectiveness of each of these strategies. Advertisements allow you to get your Finland Phone Number List products or services in front of thousands of people for a low cost, no extra work required. Inbound marketing focuses on creating content that is relevant to your audience, and it not only helps you become an authority in your niche market, but also converts sales. Obviously, one strategy does not eliminate the other and the ideal is to be able to work with both at the same time.

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Tips for publishing good content

How do you know if the content is good? Writing good content means thinking strategically about each piece of text you want to publish. It is necessary to chain ideas, and organize and structure the text to lead the reader along the desired reasoning, creating a pleasant Aleart News experience that, in fact, informs and is interesting to the customer. Several factors influence the quality of texts and, in addition to adapting to grammatical norms (which can never be forgotten), everything that will be said must be structured and planned, following a specific objective. It takes time and dedication to produce good content ! Consider not only the time it takes to write a certain subject, but the production period also includes the research moment – ​​which is essential ! It is precisely.