What Marketing Skills Are Recruiters Looking For Today?

Are you interested in being able to compete for better job opportunities as a marketer? Here we will talk about the marketing skills that you need to master because they are the ones that companies need. The current marketing USA Phone Number List landscape presents new challenges that firms must face in order to continue obtaining results and to maintain their commitment to the activity – a bet that is not at all low because, in the case of Mexico, data from our Research Department indicate that the budget destined to marketing for this 2018 amounts to 178 thousand 320 million pesos—, challenges, such as knowing when to end a campaign, developing new effective tactics, capturing and maintaining the attention of consumers, reaching them at the moment adequate or differentiate the brand, which denote the need to have people prepared to face them.

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Being one of these people can be considered key to ensuring a future in the sector since marketing is also a competitive field, according to data from the Labor Observatory , in Mexico there are 168,985 professionals who are dedicated to marketing and advertising, which is why Here we share with you the marketing skills you need to excel.

Marketing Skills Needed for the Marketer
For the contemporary marketer it is essential to know how to write, why ?, because one of the most profitable marketing activities that currently exist for companies is content marketing, an activity that depends entirely on the development of copywriting. Businesses Phone Number List that are serious about developing content marketing rely heavily on people capable of generating materials that don’t end up wasting the time of readers, consumers, and prospects.

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In this case, knowing how to write is not a skill that only implies knowing where the semicolons go, it also has to do with the domain or knowledge of SEO elements.

A / B test generation
Starting from the idea that it is currently essential for companies to identify which efforts work for them and which others do not, having someone with the ability to generate A / B tests is important. Whether they are developed with Facebook ads, with email marketing campaigns, or even with the buttons found on the site, it is important for companies to perform tests that allow them to drive conversions to obtain better returns on investment.

Digital campaign management
Paid digital marketing campaigns are an important element for all businesses today. As you may already know, the organic section of hundreds of platforms experiences a significant decline that guides companies to manage their resources through targeted campaigns to continue achieving results.

It is of the utmost importance for any marketer these days to know how to run paid campaigns, analyze the data and optimize them and then better target future campaigns.

Use of Google Analytics
Currently, for companies it is necessary that every member of the marketing team has at least a basic idea of ​​how to use Google Analytics, of course mastering the platform is a great plus for your resume, this because it is a key tool that helps the analysis and tracking of incoming traffic to the site via organic searches, paid searches, direct via, by referrals, emails, social networks, etc.

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Having knowledge of Google Analytics allows us to identify the paths that the consumer follows to discover the brand and become a customer.

Awareness about culture
For thousands of companies it is considered crucial to hire people who have the ability to see beyond the facts, to see the “big picture”. This means that many firms look to marketers for individuals who always have “the finger in the line” when it comes to pop culture and who are aware of how all parties involved in the company address the so-called Cultural Zeitgeist. .

Live video management
Mastering video management skills is important, however, today there is a need to emphasize when it comes to working with live video. As with content marketing, live video is another of the great trends that today bring results, on the one hand, they promote the generation of engagement of the brands and, on the other, they help to improve the perception of the brands by showing them more authentic and spontaneous. Live video management is a skill that complements those of content marketing development.

Audience segmentation and investigation
Marketers who don’t know how to reach the right audiences are doomed to experience flaws in their campaign development, so beyond the domain of digital marketing, data analytics, and automation, it’s important for contemporary marketers to know how. Get closer to your target audiences, this because marketing becomes more and more personal and it is necessary to know how to reach each consumer to obtain results.

Finally, learning is one of the marketing skills that can be considered essential for professionals, this because the changes in marketing are increasingly constant and rapid, with the emergence of new channels, strategies and tools, it is It is essential that marketers can adapt to continue achieving results.

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Rather than looking for a person with a particular skill, companies focus on people who have the ability to learn new skills as they are needed.

As marketing evolves it is important that marketing skills also do so, having the above improves the chances of being considered by companies to meet their needs.

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