What Role Does Image Size Play In Optimization

Images should always differ in at least something. And this difference should be mentioned in the description . Simply imagine trying to explain to someone what is in a picture without them seeing the picture. If you’re trying to cover more keywords in particular, it’s good to work with synonyms or inflections in some cases. The bigger the image, the longer your page will take to load. And the longer your page takes to load, the more likely the user and the search engine will lose patience. Size is a very important feature of images, and you should not be lazy. To play with the image so that it maintains the necessary quality. But at the same time does not take up too much space on your server.

It Is Not Possible To Generalize What

It always depends on the specific case. If you’re adding an image to a blog post, you should be fine under Kb. If you upload images to the photo bank, it is clear that they will be much larger in size. In general, however, it is advisable to keep the images as small as possible . Their size can often be reduced without sacrificing quality . In many cases, it also happens Georgia Phone Number List that website administrators upload a horribly large image to the server, for example with dimensions of × px, and then artificially reduce it to × px. This is completely unnecessary. If you already know in advance that you will not need it in such a large size on the website, it is better to reduce the image size before uploading it.

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The Ideal Size Of Images Should Be

You can also find out the size of the current images on the page en masse in Spotib according to the image optimization guide . I recommend sorting your images by size and finding ones that are taking up too much space and that you know can be significantly Aleart News reduced in size. Tips to Beat the Cucumber Season and Create Great Content Author Dominik Hlubina Dominik Hlubina If you are engaged in the creation of textual content, you certainly know the situation when you sit down at the keyboard full of enthusiasm and suddenly find out that you do not know what to write about. Creating good content on a regular basis is not easy.