What to Expect When You Attend Our @smx Search Marketing Event

Search Engine Land’s SMX West Search Marketing Conference returns for the 6th year 2016 in San Jose from March 1-3. If you’re obsessed with SEO and SEM, or involved in marketing, PR, social media, or any other customer-facing activity, you owe yourself (and the ultimate benefit of your business or your customer) to attend the fair. Here’s why: 

The conference agenda provides an overview of everything happening, with the ability to customize your own experience and email you a personalized agenda. Labels identify sessions focused on search engine optimization (with “free” listings), PPC (paid search ads), and the increasingly crucial social media marketing.

Constant change, constant challenge, constant new opportunity

Online marketing continues to evolve Germany Phone Number at a breakneck pace. This creates new opportunities for marketers, but it also suggests that there are turbulent shifts afoot, with budgets, priorities, tactics and techniques rapidly changing to keep pace with new channels and opportunities. booming.

Now more than ever, it’s essential for anyone involved in online marketing to keep pace with this accelerated change, overcome new challenges and adopt new approaches in an opportunistic way – and do so while maintaining an edge over your competitors.

This is our guiding philosophy in designing and programming SMX events: to provide you with the quality content, speakers and networking opportunities to keep you abreast of the rapid pace of change and help you hone your skills and tactics to maintain your competitive edge.

SMX West: Something for Everyone

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Whether you’re a web designer, developer, PR, advertising, or traditional marketer, research is a crucial marketing medium. It is imperative that you keep your education going in its ever-changing way.

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As organizations integrate online and offline marketing, it is essential to understand how search fits into the “big picture”, not only contributing to better brand exposure but, in many cases, by being self-financing via a significantly improved return on investment.

SMX West gives you that education, whatever your role. The show is large enough that we can offer multiple tracks packed with sessions covering all interests and experience levels. Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, or focused on paid search, SEO, social media marketing, we have a lot for you.

“I came away with many actions that I could implement almost immediately. There were also good high-level discussions about strategy and the future of the industry. – Andon
C., Mayo Clinic