What you saw in digital marketing in 2018

According to contentools and opinion box’s 2018 content habits survey. From 2017 to 2018 instagram grew. While facebook had a drop. This is due to the large consumption of photos by people. In this same survey. Although the content format consumed through photos was 49% in 2017 and 40% in 2018 . That is. It showed a drop. The photo is still the most consumed content by brazilians. 4 out of 10 brazilians would rather see a photo than read a text or watch a video. The success of stories has lifted instagram’s position. As 1 in 5 users only see stories or see more of it than their photo feed. This greater consumption of content by people on this social network has made companies invest more in it. Especially retail stores.

Increase in video consumption

Digital marketing ebook in video consumption this drop in photo consumption from 2017 to 2018 (from 49% to 40%) is due to the greater demand and consumption of videos on the internet. 34% of internet users interviewed in the survey mentioned above say that they choose video Singapore Phone Number List as their preferred content format. Due to this data. We can remember the telephone companies that offer internet. To watch videos you need a quality internet. Do you agree? We believe that many companies in the field have taken advantage of this video boom to increase their sales of internet packages. Of the people who answered the survey. 49% subscribe to youtube channels – watch youtube gaining more and more space.

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Subtitles in the videos

Another point worth mentioning is that this search for video opened up a great opportunity for companies that sell online courses. That’s because. According to the 2018 content habits survey. 56% of respondents prefer watching a video than reading a text when they want to learn Aleart News something. Do you already produce course content? Who knows you don’t have an opportunity there? Digital marketing: e-book video strategy for social networks subtitles in the videos we could talk about this subject within the topic about the growth of video consumption. However. The caption is so important that it deserves a topic of its own. Video with subtitles is no longer a matter of choice. It is mandatory if you want your audience to be interested in watching the video until the end. More and more people consume content on the bus subway taxi.

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