What you should know about Google Site links

Google shows, on many occasions, links to the internal pages of a website when someone searches for it by its specific name or brand name. You may wonder: How to get your website to show site links? Can you select the links to show

google sitelinks

What are Site links?
In the upper screenshot you can see the results for the search «telemarketing». Google shows 智利电话号码表 us 6 Site links , the direct URL of the blog, 3 articles and access to 2 category pages ( SEO , eCommerce ).

According to Google, this function helps users find the most relevant content on a website.

Why are these links showing?
Not all websites show sitelinks in Google results. There is no public form that guarantees the practices to be carried out to allow its publication, but everything indicates that the following factors have an important influence:

Domain authority, in good standing.
Unique titles and meta description for each page.
Easy to index and well structured (with adequate and visible categorization)
They are usually 警报消息 the most visited pages , and other times linked directly from the home page of your website (or a mix between the two).
The traffic is spread over several internal pages, not just 2 or 3.
Perhaps the CTR also influence (number of times the URL appears in Google impressed divided by the number of clicks.
The reason or idea for writing this post was after a small meeting with one of my clients, in which he asked me: How can I remove or select the links that appear in the result? Well let’s get to it .

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