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As a preliminary that the system thinks for at least 1 month. Then look at the average. What is the CPC, Target CPA, Target ROAS? Then we can set the price of CPC, Target CPA, Target ROAS as appropriate. Not too below average to make ads run smoothly. And also get results according to the efficiency that we can control. Search Ads don’t work, don’t run, don’t spend money because their location is too narrow. It is very common to limit the location or location in order for people to search for the keywords we want. find our ad Most of them have no problems at all  up a country-wide setting. or a large provincial level like Bangkok or major provinces, but if we are small businesses, general SMEs with not many branches It is often limit to areas within a radius away from the branch location.

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For example, a business that requires customers to use the service at a branch such as facial clinics, dental clinics), which if we choose a radius that is too small, such as 4-5 kilometers, will make Search Volume much less because it is limit by Sweden Phone Number List location. which, if us with the use of keywords that are already search for less people will be even less may prevent ads from running Also, when using keywords that are in a secondary language in that country e.g. English keywords in Thailand, Text Ads is English.

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It is very necessary to expand the location to be larger or wider. Because the Search Volume keyword is already low, the easy way to think about it is that any word that Search Volume is less, you ne to increase the radius of the location to expand more. Or Aleart News you can add keywords that are similar in order to increase your Search Volume. This is all a compilation of how to fix basics in Google Ads when Search Ads is not working, no running, no money, bas on my experience. Anyone who has come across that Search Ads is not working, can apply it. Contact Digital Break. 

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