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Even if he clicks on the irresistible interview title, he will leave after a non-greasy unsalted introduction. You have to impress with the introduction, the so-called perex , because it’s your only chance to make a good first impression. Perex must convince the reader that without further reading his life is meaningless. And how much space do you have for it? Bajvoko – characters including spaces.  you – the first question . It has to be the very TOP one, the one that will confirm to the reader that he did a damn good job of setting aside a few minutes for your interview. It rarely happens that it is the same question that was first asked during the interview itself. Just choose the most interesting one.

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If you know him and watch DVTV, we don’t need to introduce him to you. If you haven’t heard an interview with him yet, play these short samples Interview with Ivo Rittig for DVTV Interview with Jiří Ovčáček for DVTV For further inspiration of intelligent and well-prepared interviews, look for names such as Marek Eben or Daniel Stach. All these Cambodia Phone Number List editors have a few things in common – precise preparation, general overview and quick reactions. You will learn a lot and often laugh while watching their conversations. It doesn’t matter if you’re filming, writing, or just recording the interview. It depends on how you approach it. We wish you good luck and strong nerves. PS It is best to learn from the masters.

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Drop us a link to a very good interview Text, audio, video – whatever you can think of right now. Share, we will be happy Topics Blog Copy writing Online PR Personal development PR article How to successfully pass AdWords certification Author Adam Dvořák Adam Dvořák Let’s take a look together at how to best deal with AdWords certification Aleart News and prove to yourself and others that you were born for PPC. Since you are reading an article about AdWords certification, I am somewhat assuming that you are yet to complete it and you are eager for information on how to do it. And you will get them, I promise, but all nicely one by one.