Why do some product managers get better when they jump, while others get worse?

Let me ask you a question: Why do some  product managers get South Korea Mobile Number better at job-hopping, while some product managers keep getting worse?

You might think there are luck, opportunity, connections, etc.

But from the perspective of career planning, there is a key indicator that determines the quality of a person’s job-hopping: whether there is a career leap .

The confusion of product assistants

The protagonist of our story is Xiao South Korea Mobile Number Ming. He is currently the product manager of a small start-up factory. He is a product assistant. The company is in the start-up stage. 996 is a normal thing, and sometimes 007. live.

However, even with such hard work, you know that many startups are very stingy and pay less. Xiao Ming works hard every day and his income is barely enough to support himself.

Do you think it is possible for Xiao Ming to become a CEO through the profession of product assistant? Be a PM and be rich and rich?

No matter how much chicken soup for the soul you drink, you know it’s impossible. But Xiaoming really wants financial freedom, so what should Xiaoming do?

Five-step method of decision-making thinking


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South Korea Mobile Number


Xiao Ming often goes to everyone is a product manager to read articles, and after a long time.  He has met many great people. Xiao Ming found that there are some product positions that are better than the product assistants of ordinary startups, and the income is a little higher, and the working environment is also good.

Xiao Ming also wants to be a more powerful product manager, but Xiao Ming does not know how to achieve such a position. Moreover, Xiao Ming is also not clear about those positions, data products, strategic products, commercial products, there are too many positions, which one is suitable for him.

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There are so many things to learn and many jobs, but which one is right for you. Xiao Ming is in trouble.