Why the attrition of the competition can be an essential marketing strategy

In essence, the result of the expansion of communication technologies, Internet, mobiles, social networks, is that everything happens much faster, faster and faster. The originality in the products seems to have less and less value, since the competition also arises much more easily. Markets are permeable to information. In this way, there are other qualities of a company that can make it successful. Aspects such as marketing or management can make a difference regardless of whether your company develops highly original products. Innovation can be applied in many areas, from customer service, payment methods, commercial management, etc Bulgaria Mobile Database. Is having an original product enough? In an environment where there is a high probability of being copied in a short space of time, one of the strategies that can help you make a difference is consistency and consistency. Betting firmly on a strategy. Consistency can be your difference.

It is true that it is not precisely this quality that you will surely see most extolled lately. Rather the opposite. In particular, in the startup ecosystem, what is promoted is a quality that could be considered contrary, the constant adaptation and redesign of strategies. This last management culture is, a priori, logical and apparently necessary. The big problem is in the criteria and the way of obtaining the information to decide the redesign of the business, pivot. To what extent are these reliable and does it make us abandon strategies that can be good if we give them the necessary maturity period? Consistency can be the source of success There are areas in which constant work and perseverance, accompanied by the wear and tear of the competition, are practically essential. As an example we can put search engine optimization, it is difficult overnight to achieve a successful positioning. We are facing the main source of online sales.

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A strong strategy executed long enough is necessary for sustainable success. In the line of success due to attrition is working with domains that the competition abandons for different reasons, and that can be excellent for positioning. Creating a brand, building trust, is not something we can do from one day to the next. The commitment to the long term is necessary, and along the way we will nurture them by abandoning competing companies that were fighting to occupy the same space that we claim. The crisis is the paradigm of success by attrition Brother Cell Phone List. While many companies are victims of their management errors aggravated by the situation, others benefit from its decline and strengthen their position in the market. A strategy to take into account is to believe in ourselves, and bet big if we are convinced of something. This is not to say that we close our eyes to the outside world and make no adjustments in our tactics. There are countless examples of successful companies that were reaped in the beginning by many “are you crazy? This is not going to be successful.” Do you bet firmly on your ideas, or do you go like a headless chicken, pivoting every three by four?

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