Widget, apps en tools

Create a widget or app so that others can embed it into their website. Make sure that there is a link that refers to your website in a correct way (place a link). Or create a tool that will benefit users.

5. Guest Blogging

Find out if you can guest blog on certain relevant websites.

6. Linkpartners

You prefer not to exchange links, but if it concerns a website that is relevant and of added value Accounting Directors Email Lists to your website, then it can’t be a bad idea. Check whether the website has built up a good authority, because if the site has built up almost no link value, a link exchange will not have much impact.

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7. Giving advice (friendly service)

When someone does something for you on their own initiative, you will probably (in the future) be more inclined to do something for that person. Suppose you have found a website that you would like to receive a link from, then you can scan the website to find out e.g. 404 errors (or other points) and then report them to the webmaster. When the problem is solved, you can ask if a link to your website can be placed. Make it easy for the contact person and find, for example, a relevant article/blog post in which your link can be incorporated.

8. Events

Go speak at an event. It is often written about what is presented by speakers at events. Put your presentation on your website so that you can link to it. Events are also great for networking. Get to know new people and connect with them. Perhaps they can do something for you in the future.

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