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Amenu will open in front of you, in which you need to select the desired sticker. How to create a link on Instagram It will then be added to your history and you will need to write the profile name again. By the first few letters, the application  select accounts that match the name. How to create a link on Instagram Choose what you need, move the sticker to the right place and add this material to your story. There is nothing easier! Ways to leave an active link on Instagram Before I tell you HOW to insert an active link on Instagram, let me remind you WHERE you can write any text and address as well.

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On me. Ways to Create an Active Link on Instagram Story. Comments. Mail signature. If I forgot something, I apologize. But the most important thing in this list is. We are interested in points and . Only in the sections Biography and History you can enter an address that will be interactive. But there are nuances that complicate the work Italy Phone Number List with links in Insta. In About me everything is simple any link entered in the Site field will become active, but in the case of Stories it will be more difficult only a company profile with more than ten thousand active subscribers can leave a link see see article.

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Ways to add a link to your stories on Instagram . And this is not bad, because before this privilege was granted only to the owners of a verified profile. You probably know who they are they have a blue checkmark next to their name. But Aleart News even some famous people this the jackdaw is hard to come by, which is probably why the standards have been lowered. who can create an active link on Instagram Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to enter a URL to make it active.

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