Why the exit pop-up will soon

Without predicting an exact date, we can already conclude that the exit pop-up also has an expiration date. This is because low-involvement persuasion techniques weaken the more you encounter them (Cacioppo and Petty, 1989). By low-involvement I mean all content that does not lead to conversion on the basis of arguments, but through an unconscious or semi-conscious route. From customer testimonials to the color of the shopping cart button.

This is the Law of Persuasion Knowledge. And this law is the doom of almost every conversion technique. The Law of Persuasion Knowledge states that through repeated exposure, people inevitably gain enough knowledge and experience to automatically see through your trick (Friestad and Wright, 1994). And in such a way that their primary response changes from acceptance to resistance. At that point, the technology is doomed.

Banner blindness does not mean that people consciously ignore banners, they literally no longer see them. The brain has its own ad-blocker.

The most famous effect of the Law of Persuasion Knowledge is ‘banner blindness’. The reader simply no longer sees the banners on a page. This is an important detail: people don’t consciously ignore the banners, but literally don’t see them anymore. The brain has its own ad-blocker.

Which low-involvement techniques are running their course?

The techniques that are most at risk are the techniques that are used the most and thus immunize the fastest. The low-involvement tricks that are currently rampant, often come from Cialdini’s bag of tricks. In his book ‘Influence’ he writes about influence on an automatic level; subtle cues Chairman Email Lists that send you without you realizing it. A full article about Cialdini and Webshops can be found here .

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Chairman Email Lists

Which conversion techniques are most important to you?

Check for yourself which techniques you and your sector are currently using. After all, these are the techniques that your target audience most often encounters. It’s important to keep a close eye on the CTR of your winners from previous A/B tests. My advice is to retest your most important conversion techniques every quarter with a control condition.

Do you see your CTR or other metric drop? Then you probably also suffer from the Law of Persuasion Knowledge with your visitors. The low-involvement persuasion techniques weaken slowly.