Will the marketing trends of 2016 be a repeat of what was predicted for this year?

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to take stock of what has been achieved or done and also to predict what will succeed in the following year. Each specialized journalist and each analyst suddenly becomes a sort of fortune teller who is trying to anticipate the future and give the keys to what is going to happen and therefore what no one should lose sight of. The forecasts of what will change in marketing during the coming year have therefore already begun to happen and are becoming a recurring element in the media. What should brands expect in 2016? After varied and multiple prediction reports on marketing trends for 2016, it is striking once again, as we echo new analysis of forecasts and trends France Mobile Database, how all the lists of predictions and omens for this new year are full of old acquaintances. And the new report developed by Loyalty360 is no exception. The first idea is that customer service will be more important than ever.

According to the forecasts of the firm, it will be in fact “what will separate the winners from the losers.” For this they take up figures from Gartner, which indicates that in a few years what companies will really compete in will be (and 89% of firms will do so) in user experience. The second point is in mobile marketing, which is going to achieve a new milestone and which is going to become an increasingly important element. According to figures from eMarketer, investment in mobile marketing in 2016 will exceed $ 100 billion globally for the first time. Added to this, third point, the importance of big data and the fact that companies will begin to use data-as-a-service to access it. That is, the data will become something affordable and accessed as needed (as is the case with software, for example).

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The fourth point will be that the content will be increasingly visual and that therefore elements such as images will dominate in content marketing. And the fifth will be that brands have to become truly personal if they really want to succeed. Personalization will no longer be an option. The ideas of these forecasts are very much in line with what the other analysts are pointing out in more or less detail about what can be expected in 2016, adding some other element. After reading their forecasts for the future, and despite the fact that in the content marketing boom the weight of visual elements stands out, it would not hurt to also highlight the potential of video.

In 2016, video will be even more important and companies will have to allocate an even larger portion of their budgets to it. But don’t all these ideas sound a bit like something you’ve already heard? 2016 is the second part of 2015 One of the constants in all these forecasts that experts are launching is that not only the elements that stand out are almost always the same (something, on the other hand, that usually happens on a regular basis when future forecasts are made about trends that will dominate the market) but also the forecasts leave a certain taste of déjà vu in the mouth Brother Cell Phone List . What we are reading in the final months of 2015 is very similar to what we were reading in the final months of 2014. Possibly, if you took the predictions that were released at the end of last year, you could find many parallels with the things that are being highlighting for 2016. 2015 is not the same as 2016.

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The figures have changed, the degrees of enthusiasm in the predictions have also changed, and the arguments and details that are taken to explain why one should bet on one element and not another are not exactly the same. themselves. Analysts actually start from different ideas and different scenarios to explain what to expect in the immediate future. However, that does not take away the certain sense of echo. 2016 will be, as can be seen in the analysts’ predictions, a second part of 2015. The changes will not be overwhelming and companies will not have, in the marketing world, to face completely different and disruptive realities of which they know little . Even among those analyzes that include more novel and surprising elements, such as virtual reality, it is clear that it is only somewhat experimental.

Yes, virtual reality is going to change things? but not exactly in 2016. Second parts never was good? Popular lore (and the experience of watching many movie continuations that didn’t really need continuations) makes it clear that the second parts were never good. But should this also apply to marketing strategy management? That is, will 2016 with its trends that are an echo of those already experienced a year in which nothing new is expected and therefore everything remains in something more or less gray? The truth is that staying with that idea is a mistake. That what will mark the year is what it seems to be marking this does not imply that things will necessarily be gray or uninteresting. The trends may be a bit similar but the markets are not. In 2015, brands had room to experiment, to see things as they could be. In 2016 they will have to see them as they are. There must no longer be any margin for error and there must no longer be the risk of falling by the wayside.

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