Should We Stop With The

Conversion techniques are like a virus; when a new one suddenly pops up, it immediately catches on and quickly gets hold of a large group of people. The use then spreads over numerous websites and the public often automatically becomes immune to it. And the value is gone in no time. What then?

When is it time to bury your conversion techniques?

Unfortunately, few think about the long-term effectiveness of a conversion technique when another one emerges as the winner of the A/B test. In this article I shine a psychological-scientific light on the life course of conversion techniques.

When is it time to bury a technique in the graveyard of talking-head commercials and banners Investors Email Lists promising a million dollars? And even more interesting: what doomed techniques do I expect will reincarnate into powerful conversion boosters in the near future?

Investors Email Lists

And I promise you, this article’s take-home message won’t lose its value, even if everyone uses it. Let’s dive in.

The return of the exit pop-up

At the moment we see that one of the biggest irritations of the previous decade is making a comeback: the ‘exit pop-up’. However, he has undergone a metamorphosis. In the days when Internet Explorer still took the lead as a web browser, it sometimes happened that after you thought you had closed a page, it presented you with a pop-up in the form of an ‘alert’. Blood irritating.

After some time, hardly anyone fell for it anymore and the pop-ups were hidden for a few years. Meanwhile, this retro pop-up appears everywhere again, but now as soon as your mouse cursor slides away from the screen.

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