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When people think of search engines, the first name that comes to mind is often Google, but Google is not the only option when seeking for relevant results. This piece will bring to light 11 other search engines besides Google to enhance your internet user experience. However, let us mention a few things about Google as a search engine. But first, let’s talk a little bit about Google Google is currently the most efficient most popular search engine. It held the highest market share of about 92.37%. Were we not talking about other search engines besides Google, itdefinitely topp the list.

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Now let’s take a closer look at the list of internet search engines which are rocking the world but are just not that popular. 1. Duck Duck Go Search Duck Duck Go Search held a market share of 0.55% worldwide. This search engine has a layout like that Find Your Phone Number one of Google. Nevertheless, many other features that make this search engine different outsting. The zero-click information lets you get all your answers on the first page. The disambiguation prompt helps to clarify your query for improv results. It is safe to use as no search information shar, track, or stor. Pros: No browsing information track or stor Quick searches One-month search window Cons.

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Search result not dat Poor image search results Zero personalis results 2. Bing Search Bing held market share worldwide. Bing has always tri to replace Google is the second most popular search engine. It was initially known as MSN until when it was updat. Bing’s left-most column supports research by providing suggestions. Though it Aleart News cannot beat Google in the near future, it is still worth trying out. Pros: Perfect video indexing Equally crawls Comment There are many other search engines other than Google. Though they are excellent reliable, some search engines are yet to be known by many internet users private.

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