Moderate Writing Style

Building a website is hard, that’s why you let it be done. But, hey, everyone can write, right? And by the way. you know better than anyone how to get your message across, so there’s no reason not to do it yourself. However?

It sounds so obvious, but writing is a profession that not everyone masters. The result: texts full of spelling mistakes, grammatically derailed sentences, endless speeches and epistles that never end. For the web, keep paragraphs short and make sure every sentence matters. Long texts are allowed, but immediately attract attention and start with the conclusion, a nice prospect or a challenging statement. You have the attention and can then deepen.

4. Bad Formatting

You write a beautiful article or blog in Word, are very satisfied with it and then put it on your website in a finicky font. The content is still just as strong, but the chance that the reader will read the piece from start to finish is very small. It is more difficult to read on the internet than on paper. With small letters – and little contrast – you reinforce this again.

In this context, also think of a pleasant layout with images, subheadings, bullets, clear tables and other elements that keep the reader focused on the story Sales Directors Email Lists and promote scanning reading. When you write a great piece, you want it to be read, so do your best on the presentation and make it as easy as possible for the reader.

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Tip! Do not only visit your website from your own computer, but also test it with other browsers, operating systems, smartphones and monitors.

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5. Being too casual

If you have a business website, your main goal is probably to sell your product or service. Yet many people forget this when they write texts for their site. They obediently tell what they do, what it costs and in the best case what it yields, but there is rarely any talk of ‘selling’.

Now you don’t have to immediately push your offer down the reader’s throat, but you can make it tasty. What ‘problem’ does the reader have? What are the symptoms? Wouldn’t it be nice if the problem was a thing of the past? Then read on quickly, because you offer that solution. If you close the text with your contact details, you significantly increase the chance that someone will contact you.