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You can read more about voice search on our blog in the article Optimizing Voice Search for Beginners . Go ahead and hit him. Voice search optimization for beginners Author Jaroslav. I see Jaroslav I see Searching by voice is now a common part of everyday life for many of us. As the capabilities of voice assistants grow, its importance will continue to grow. What are the current trends in this area and should website. And e-shop owners optimize for this type of search now? . Introduction to Voice Search.  What is Voice Search Voice search is a way of searching for information in which we enter the search term using our voice and not through an input device keyboard.

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It is generally assume that voice search, together with visual search , will largely replace manual written search searching through written queries within a few years. Importance of Voice Search The growth rate of voice search usage in the US has accelerate Bahamas Phone Number List dramatically in recent months. As early as May , fully of all searches on American Google were perform using voice . It is assume that by the share of voice and visual search should increase to at least in the USA . Half of all searches will be done through voice or visual assistants! Already in ! That’s over trillion billion voice searches per month.

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Voice search will therefore be as important as manual search in the foreseeable future for searching information on the Internet. Voice search – Voice Search Unfortunately, data from the Czech Republic are not publicly available . Due to the fact Aleart News that none of the voice assistants currently supports the Czech language in a meaningful way, it can be assume that the rate of growth of voice search in our country will grow several times slower than in the USA. The most widespread voice assistants Siri Apple – the most linguistically capable assistant speaking languages ​​localize for countries Cortana Microsoft – supports languages ​​localized for countries Google Voice Search Google – uses world languages.

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