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To make the product unit bigger Selling a whole pack Because the set or pack will help the Basket Size larger, the value of the product is greater. of course the profits are even higher. In order to make it worthwhile to advertise itself. If is limit, we recommend doing Search Ads before Discovery Ads . It must be explain that The way Search Ads works is that we search by keywords. the products that we advertise with that keyword Products will appear in the first place depending on the relevance of the product keywords, as well as Bidding prices.

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Search Ads are much lower impression than Discovery Ads, but more responsive to search queries. high click rate it also helps to make purchases often has a higher ROI than Discovery Ads, but it has the disadvantage that it is not suitable for Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Awareness. Including, no matter how much money we have, we still have Search Volume of people. not much making it impossible to spend all the money (In the case of cramming a lot of money per day) As for Discovery Ads, it will show ads with high visibility. In the product introduction position on the Home Page, similar product pages.

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This ad format can also add targeting, such as choosing gender, age location (in Shopee Ads), but if it’s Lazada Ads, the part that is Discovery will be able to adjust Bidding to increase the highest bid price of people who visit the product in 15 days ago adding more bids for people who are interest in similar items, Discovery Ads is a perfect Aleart News fit to help reach more people. it also helps to make purchases, but still ne to underst part of ROI (ROAS)has, the budget, what they want to do in Digital Marketing this time, what should be done the most is We have to make a plan that meets the nes of our customers the most, don’t try to put too much into it.

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