Your site may not be as good

Analytics and SEO are tuned, nice. But the analytics give you a clear signal where the weak spots are on your website. You see visitors browsing your site, but they don’t convert to customers. In other words, they don’t buy the fancy products or services you offer. The process called Conversion Optimization will help you with that. Optimize the process to turn the visitor into a customer.

Think of your (site) via social media

You can do that by just trying something new and hoping it will work. Or you can use A/B testing. Divide your visitors into two (or more) groups and present different versions of a page (part) to both groups. For example, combine PR Directors Email Lists this with Google Website Optimizer and you get good information about which version converts better.

PR Directors Email Lists

4. Find out what people 

Your website will be shared on various social media sites. Beautiful! But they don’t just share content from your site, they also talk about it. Be it positive or not. Of course you respond to it, because even if you choose not to respond, that is a response. Listen carefully to your customers/visitors and try to follow what they are talking about on the different social platforms. Searches on those platforms already provide a lot of insight. Talk to them, but keep your promises. You can even reward your most loyal visitors/fans by turning them into ambassadors. You can also take visitors one step further in the development process of your websites, product or service. Perhaps a bit of an old book in these rapidly changing times, but it still fits well with this: Groundswell .

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