Do-it-yourself information

Not applicable to every industry, but how-tos always work very well. Give it your own twist by, for example, turning it into a (video) infographic.

  • Video’s

Make videos about your product or service and place them on your website. Let people ask questions and answer their question via a video.

Ten creative tips

The bottom line for content on your website is that the content has to excel and this doesn’t just happen, it takes a lot of time and effort. It is very Finance Directors Email Lists important to organize your content as tightly as possible. Below are ten more creative tips.

1. Look in your own kitchen

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Finance Directors Email Lists

When you have found a number of domains that write a lot about your industry, you can also invite them to take a look at their own kitchen and then write something about it. This can of course also be done by means of an interview. You must have something unique to say, so that the interview is actually posted. For example, a colleague of mine was  interviewed  by someone from Herman Miller, with a reference to our website. What also works very well is a scoop or sneak peak.

2. The chosen one

Make a shortlist of about 10 to 20 domains and invite them to participate in a specific promotion. The promotion must be as attractive and accessible as possible, so that they would want to participate in it. Ultimately, the intention is that people will write something about this and link to your domain.

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3. Connect

Also try to get in touch with people important to your industry, who are seen as authorities online by others. Connect with them and try to build a relationship with them. Share, retweet, post their articles, follow and subscribe (Facebook updates). When you do this they will be more inclined to mean something to you.