Youtube Channels for Entrepreneurs

Youtube has become a world reference in videos from the most diverse sectors. What few people know is that it has also been used as a great channel to improve or acquire new knowledge. You can learn a lot on YouTube about whatever you want and it’s completely free. And of course we find great people talking about this subject that we love: entrepreneurship. Channels aimed at the business world, especially those focused on innovation and marketing, are gaining more and more followers and fans. This is because this universe is rich and challenging, but to take risks it is always good to be able to count on professionals who share their knowledge and already prepare beginners and not so beginners for future challenges.

YouTube in the Business World

For the good entrepreneur, every tip from those who have had success creating and managing their own business is valuable! Many entrepreneurship gurus and entities aimed at this audience have YouTube channels full of rich content for entrepreneurs. They range from the very Guatemala Phone Number List basic ones, for those who are just thinking about the idea of ​​opening a business, and more elaborate ones, for those who already have a company and want to improve. Check out our list: Endeavor Brazil The channel shows inspiring stories of those who managed to open their business and also shares lectures and webseries with management, marketing, finance and strategic planning tips.

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Stanford Graduate School of Business

Endeavor is one of the organizations that produce the most content focused on high-impact entrepreneurship in Brazil! It is worth joining the more than 200 thousand subscribers and following the channel. Sebrae Are you Aleart News starting in business? This is the perfect channel. Reference in an organization that supports the entrepreneur, Sebrae maintains very interesting series on its YouTube channel. The videos answer questions about basic questions related to the universe of small and medium-sized companies. The channel already has 125,000 subscribers. Zero Entrepreneur With 38 thousand subscribers, the channel – as the name already shows – aims to help the entrepreneur who is starting.

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